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Shooting Range in Philadelphia, PA

Practice your marksmanship in an environment that is ideally suited to the task at Firing Line Inc. Our shooting range and gun store, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is where you need to be.

Our Shooting Range

Whether you want to purchase a gun or fire your own, we are the gun dealer you need to see. Our 12-point, 75-foot pistol range is available for your unlimited use with the purchase of an annual membership. Come enjoy an exhilarating activity under the safe supervision of trained professionals.
Shooting Range - Firing Line Inc. in Philadephia, PA

Pricing Details

For just $100 per year for members or $15 per visit for non-members, you are able to use our shooting range for as long as you want. Gun rentals are $15 each. All ammunition must be purchased at Firing Line Inc., for both members and non-members. We are proud to provide you with exceptional shooting facilities, not to mention a tremendous value.
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