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Firearm Equipment in Philadelphia, PA

Turn to Firing Line Inc., located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for all your firearm equipment needs. We provide an array of firearm accessories, including holsters, body armor, sights, and more.

Firearm Equipment & Accessories

We are much more than just a gun dealer; we also offer an extensive selection of firearm equipment and accessories, enabling you to make all your firearm purchases in one place. Read on to learn more about the high-quality brands that we carry.

Our Holsters

Ammunitions - Firing Line Inc. in Philadelphia, PA
We carry nothing but the best when it comes to holsters. One of our most prominent brands, Gould & Goodrich™, built a reputation for excellence by providing innovative products and unparalleled service. Their commitment to quality has gained them worldwide recognition as a manufacturer of the finest gun holsters, belts, and accessories.

Other Holster Brands

SAFARILAND™ makes some of the finest tactical holsters in the firearm industry. Law enforcement agents nationwide depend on SAFARILAND products for use in the field. Galco™ is a company specializing in holsters, manufacturing concealed-carry holsters, shoulder holsters, and more. Blackhawk™ offers a huge selection of holsters for various firearm types.

Gun Sights & Optics

Our selection of gun sights and optics is equally excellent and vast. We carry sights made by Aimpoint™, the worldwide leader and originator of red dot sights, which are also called reflex sights. Another outstanding brand, Trijicon™, is renowned for its innovative applications of tritium and advanced fiber-optics. Trijicon manufactures the most advanced rifle scopes and tactical sights available.

Other Sight & Optics Brands

EOTech™ products combine ranging and aiming into one holographic image. This "two eyes open" heads-up display offers a wide field of view, improving your situational awareness and target acquisition speed. Steiner™ Binoculars have been a top choice for hunters, birders, and military professionals for more than 50 years, thanks to their rugged dependability, quality lenses, and thorough testing.

More Sight & Optics Products

Rounding out the sight and optics brands that we carry, iTAC™ is the manufacturer of a new and innovative line of tactical accessories. These products are built for serious shooters and law enforcement professionals.

Our Body Armor Brands

  • U.S. Armor™
  • Smith & Wesson™
  • CTS Thompson Handcuffs & Restraints™

Our Ammunition Brands & Types

  • Remington™—Handgun, Shotgun, & Rifle
  • UMC™—Handgun, Shotgun, & Rifle
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